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The year in Travel

Ever looked for the definitive guide to trade shows Australia-wide ? Many have tried, and all too often their efforts peter out, doing more harm than good.

ITM treats the task holistically. Below is a description of the ebbs and flows of the trade over a calendar year period. Feel free to quiz us on any or all of these email us here

Aside from the major overseas shows at which you will no doubt attend in FITUR, ATF, the PATA events, ITB, HITEC and ITB Asia, Australia has its own.

The big travel shows all kick off late February into early April. Perth sees its show first, followed by the TravelXpo series in each of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Australia’s largest regional travel show is held in Newcastle, NSW late January and this sets the pace for the year.

The backpacker market gets a lot of attention, and there are quite a few events catering to this lucrative segment. Melbourne hosts its effort late February. The Sydney version takes place in November 2010 and a number of events dovetail into this.

For operators of snow-based product, the biggest show in snow travel is now confirmed for May.

For the C&I market, AIME needs no mention, and this definitive show, while showcasing local product, stands out as a premier networking event. 2010 is to be held in March.

Some of the printed media in Australia hold their own shows, and the Sunday Mail Show is such a show, being held in Brisbane in March. The Gold Coast Bulleting stages its effort in May in that part of the country.

Although not strictly a travel show, the Hospitality Design Expo held in Melbourne is crucial for those in that industry.

Australia’s largest international travel trade show is the Australian Tourism Exchange, this year being held in Adelaide. Here again, local product is being offered however the networking chances are numerous.

The nation’s second largest wholesaler, Creative Holidays run its series by destination throughout the month of November.

The ultimate Who’s Who in Australia is of course the SKAL Congress, held in October in Sydney 2010.

ITM is able to represent your operation at any of these events and we offer extremely cost-effective packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us.